All books are available in electronic and paperback formats.  Amazon offer price matching so                                                                 they can be obtained free if you ask. 

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Arranged in Chronological Publishing Order

The Darwinian Extension Series comprises four volumes, The Dawinian Extension: Initiation, Transition, Completion, and Renewal. and is also published as a compendium under the title of The Nexus Odyssey.

The Evilution Series comprises three volumes, The Sacred Protocol, Divine Extinction, The Ice Wars of Dominia, and the compendium version is published under the title - Evilution.

The Fog on the Tyne series comprises three volumes, Resident Fear,, The Red Kite Killings, and the compendium is published under the title Fog on the Tyne.

The remaining books are stand alone novels

Panspermia Deorum was published on 18.8.16 and is free on all e-readers except Amazon where you can still download it free if you ask them to price match.

New Releases

Published January 2018

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New Releases

                    The Disappearance of Sylvester Purbeck 2019

                                The Fate of Adam North 2020

                                     No Cause of Death 2020

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